Who are you and what do you do?
We are a private company with more than twenty years of history, experience and tradition in the food industry. We are based in Raslavice, eastern Slovakia. We are engaged in production and packaging of powdered food products. Since its inception, we have gone through various stages of development and have expanded our production to include flavored sugars, gluten-free baking powders, cooking ingredients, preservatives, home chemistry assortment and more.

What raw materials do you use in your products?
The whole technological process of processing and packaging of our products is subject to strict standards and principles of good manufacturing practice in terms of HACCP and is in accordance with the valid legislation of the Slovak Republic. The raw materials, additives and colours used by us must be of perfect and required quality. The products we produce fall under the food code issued by the Ministry of Health of Slovakia. Also, import, storage and packaging must be flawless to meet all necessary production and hygiene standards.

Do you have a company store?
Yes. Whole our assortment as well as different assortment is available in our company store based in Hlavná 352/15, Raslavice. Company store contact details and further information can be found in the Contact section.

How are your products distributed?
We distribute customer orders to our contractual partners within the agreed terms and sales conditions by our own transport cars or by using external forwarders. Distribution takes place on weekly basis. Therefore, for timely and correct deliveries, we would like to ask our partners to send their orders no later than by the end of each working week.

Are your products available throughout Slovakia? If so, where can I buy them?
Some of our products can be found in the wholesale networks like KAUFLAND, TESCO, MILK AGRO, CBA, LABAS, FRESH, METRO and COOP Jednota Slovakia. We distribute to the warehouses as well as smaller networks or private stores throughout the regions of Slovakia.

Can I make an order using your e-shop?
Yes. You can place and order in our eshop with or without registration. You can find the terms and conditions of shopping in our e-shop in the General Terms and Conditions section, so we recommend that you read this section before you decide to place an order. When shopping in our e-shop, you can combine any available goods and the number of pieces you are interested to buy. You can pay by debit card on-line or use Cash on Delivery option. Your order is usually processed within 24 hours and subsequently is shipped by GLS shipping company.

Are your products available in the Czech Republic?
Some products are available via our czech distributor: Svet bez Lepku ( www.svetbezlepku.cz ) . Please contact them for futher information.

I am a potential supplier and I would like to address you with an offer for cooperation. What I can do?
We will welcome the possibilities of new cooperation. Contact us and let us know in what area you would like to reach us with your offer. We would be pleased to hear from you for more information and get to know your service portfolio.

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