How to shop in our e-shop

You can purchase the goods on our e-shop as:
1.  registered customer
2. customer  without registration
The advantage of your registration is that you can track your previous orders and do not have to fill in contact and billing information again.
Shopping on our e-shop is quite simple:
1. Sign in to your account (not required).
2. In the top bar click on the e-shop and choose the goods you are interested to order. 
3. Add the number of pieces to the cart. Click CART in the top bar on the right. To continue your purchase, select "select more items", to end your purchase click on "complete purchase". The cart content will show information for how much € you need to buy to get eg. gift to your order or free shipping. 
4. If you decide to end your purchase, your shopping list will be displayed where you can edit your purchase or add a number of items depending on the availability of the items. If we have provided you a discount coupon, enter it in the "Your discount code" field.  
5. Select the country of delivery (Slovakia or Czech Republic). Choose your shipping method and then your form of your payment. If you are satisfied with the contents of the cart go to "place an order" button. If you are a registered customer, at this point, you do not need to fill out contact details and billing information. If you are shopping without registration please fill in the following information: If the billing and delivery address is the same, please skip this point. Move the the final point; data check. If you want to leave us a message to your order, write your the message in the "order note" field. The last step before placing an ordering with duty to pay, is to check that you agree with the General Terms and Conditions and acknowledge the processing of your personal data. Then Click on "Order with duty to pay".  
6. You will be notified by e-mail that your order has been successfully received. You will also receive information (notifications on your order status) on to the email address you provided. Other necessary information may also be sent to the email address, if necessary.  
7. Your order will be processed and dispatched as soon as possible.

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